If you’re keen to do a lot of the building of your own tiny house yourself but would like some help to get it to a certain stage, we can help!

We can build your tiny house trailer for you or any of our 3 models to ‘lock-up’ or ‘shell’ stage, leaving you able to customise and finish the rest of the build and design yourself.

For each model we offer 4 build stages:




  • MOVE-IN READY (complete)

*Please see the inclusions & prices below for ‘trailer only,’ ‘lock-up’ and ‘shell’ stages and individual model pages for ‘move-in ready’ (complete tiny house) inclusions, optional features and pricing.



- A low flat bed design (allowing for maximum internal house height, possible because of the specialised 13” rims & high load rated, low profile tyres)

- Galvinised steel

- Highest quality AL-KO drive train (axles, hubs & springs etc)

- Appropriate coupling

-optional removable tow hitch (add $300 to the prices below for the removable option)

Little Sojourner 6m, 3.5 tonne tiny house trailer: approx $9000

Sojourner 8m, 4.5 tonne tiny house trailer: approx $11,500

Grand Sojourner 9m, 4.5 tonne tiny house trailer: approx $13,000


- Trailer (as per specifications above)

- Sub-floor

- Treated timber frame

- Windows and doors (durable aluminium frames, toughened glass)

- Cladding (matte finish colorbond, Western red cedar)

- Roof and flashings

*If you would like to include the slide-out feature in your ‘lock-up’ stage build, please take $500 off the slide-out cost for the model you are choosing (see individual model page). Most of the expense is in the mechanisms and structure, not the lining. Slide-out cost is in addition to the figures quoted here.

Little Sojourner to ‘Lock-up’: $45,000

Sojourner to 'Lock-Up': $60,000

Grand Sojourner to 'Lock-Up': $68,000


- Lock-Up inclusions

- Insulation

- Walls & Ceiling Lining (solid pine paneling, raw, unpainted)

- Flooring (solid Cypress Pine, no finishes)

- 1 Loft with ladder (Sojourner), 2 lofts, 2 ladders & separate downstairs bedroom (Grand Sojourner)

- Full electrical (15amp & switchboard)

- Full plumbing (Gas & Water, including gas hot water system)

*Slide-out feature or any other optional feature costs are in addition to the figures quoted here. Please see individual model pages for options. Again, please note $300 fee for your own electrical and plumbing layout.

Little Sojourner to ‘Shell’: $55,000

Sojourner to 'Shell': $80,000

Grand Sojourner to 'Shell': $90,000