"hoyss-line" (sort of!)

A ‘Häuslein’ is a small dwelling with a big heart. It’s warm, the lights are on, you’re welcome here. We named our company Häuslein Tiny House Co because of our German heritage as well as our appreciation for German quality engineering which we seek to reflect in our tiny house builds. 

OUR COmpany

The Häuslein Tiny House Co was founded in early 2018 by four friends with a shared passion to make a big impact in people's lives. We are strategically located in Port Macquarie (half way between Sydney and Brisbane).

We’re passionate about a few things. We believe life is for living and enjoying. It’s about relationships and building a lifestyle that has time for the little things. Growing gardens, delicious, wholesome meals cooked at home, laughter around the table, tinkering on what you love, together. We want to live and promote the less-stressed life where we can be refreshed to be productive and give our best to the world and those around us. We want to live sustainably, generously and creatively, maximising resources and keeping it simple.

Four friends & Co-founders of Hauslein Tiny House Co  Left to right: Sam Verlaan, Scott Rohdich, David Boyd & Sarah Rohdich

Four friends & Co-founders of Hauslein Tiny House Co

Left to right: Sam Verlaan, Scott Rohdich, David Boyd & Sarah Rohdich

YOU'LL LOVE OUR tiny houses

Our Tiny Houses reflect these values. We build homes with the best materials, appliances & technology we can find to the highest standard of workmanship our expertise & experience can muster. Our homes are built to last, to stand the test of time & stay beautiful as they age. Something to be passed on to the next generation or to sell to the next owners to make lasting memories in.

From a design perspective we’ve sought to go above and beyond and be ever improving all the big and little things. We’ve thought about every aspect extensively and have chosen the very best options we can to make our tiny homes everything you’d want them to be – highly functional, efficient, beautiful, yours. We’re pioneers of the innovative ‘slide out’ feature in Australia and seek to be at the forefront of new ideas and technologies. We love creating these little masterpieces which open up so many opportunities for their new owners!

In a time of unprecedented housing prices and uncertain economies, more and more of us are feeling the pressure to work more and harder just to make ends meet. And if we want anything of a ‘dream home,’ well, unless we’ve really done well and fallen on our feet it can seem quite out of reach. Part of our passion in building tiny houses is to open more options to those who would like to enter the housing market but are struggling to get there. There are a hundred other possible applications also (such as granny flats, weekenders, home office, extra income source when used in an Air B&B type capacity…) and being road registered and easily relocatable only adds to the possibilities!

Contact us to make an appointment and chat about how a tiny house can benefit you! Visit our workshop, tour a display model and explore your own possibilities for a Hauslein Tiny House!