Why choose a Tiny House?


A: Short answer:

Why not!?


A: Long answer:

(1)    Financial freedom. Love to own your own home without the 30 year mortgage? Want to reduce all those ever climbing utility bills? You can enjoy a quality dwelling with all the comforts and mod cons at a greatly reduced cost.  Be mortgage free in 3-4 years and greatly lessen bills by going for the off-grid options. Click here for finance options.

(2)    Have time to pursue what you love. With reduced financial pressure & bills you open up possibilities to pursue worthwhile & enriching interests, relationships & lifestyle patterns. Chase the things you value, the things that make you happy and healthy.

(3)    Sustainable & environmentally conscious. Tiny Houses promote sustainable, low carbon footprint, eco-friendly living without sacrificing quality, beauty or functionality.

(4)    Increased lifestyle flexibility. Need a change of scenery? Take your home with you!

(5)    Income Source. Need some guest accommodation or want to make some extra pocket money? Use a tiny house for Air B&B or many other accommodation options.

(6)    Low maintenance. Less space means less stuff, less clutter, less mental load, less to clean.

(7)    Stepping Stone. A Tiny House can reduce your living costs while you pursue working toward something else.